About Us

Building Real Value...

At NW Pixs, we use our years of experience and professional photographers to provide our valued customers with quality
tours and stills allowing your home buyers to visualize
themselves "at home" in your property at any time,
from anywhere.

On Your Team...

With our photo services, sellers and agents all over the Northwest have been increasing the marketability and sales of their listings. Once online, NWPixs.com showcases your property 24 hours a day to any and all prospective buyers until it sells.

Stay in front of your customers and your competitors... Request a Virtual Tour today!


NW Pixs Advantages
- NW Pixs Tours are competitively priced.
- NW Pixs provides only professional photographers.
- NW Pixs uses the latest technology to ensure high quality.
- NW Pixs provides helpful personal and technical support.

We at NW Pixs understand and defend your reputation with timeliness, professionalism and courtesy as it is vital to your success.

Who we are -
NW Pixs has served the Portland Metropolitan area and surrounding communities for over 5 years formerly as Columbia Mortgage Virtual Tours and set the standard for virtual tour services in the Northwest.

Now, as NW Pixs we have raised the bar in
bringing this indispensable product that is unsurpassable in quality, experience, professionalism and affordability to all!

NWPixs News

Wayne Roche - Founder "2007 is about MORE.. more services, more clients, more options, more sales for you. MORE..." says Roché. "more value for YOUR team."

A New Feel - NWPixs.com and Mr. Roché have teamed up with the NW premier web designers at DMedia Group to launch the first of a series of upgrades to our service and web presentation.

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